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The ignorant society


by Unity Rambau

The society that we are living in is avoiding each other, South Africa is a country of (Ubuntu) yet people don’t practice it. what should happen in order for people to start treating each other with respect? As members of communities it’s high time that we all don’t look down on each other, instead we must lift each other up

The is so much that is happing in our society, Nyaope addicts who live in the street, homeless people and the killings of women and children. It hurts so much to see on the news that a women was burnt to death or hearing on the radio that a young girl was raped by her uncle. what are we as a society saying about all this? let’s ask ourselves what about men who should protect their families where are they?

A women screaming for her life at a taxi rank is not helped but a video is taken by people who don’t show remorse. people’s minds an ideologies should be changed, you can’t eat a good meal and throw it away, give it to that street kid who has not eaten a meal for three days. It doesn’t harm you to help someone all that it needs is thinking, no one knows tomorrow who knows one day it will be me or you begging for food.

South Africa still has a long way, we are not there yet, a lot of people are ignorant. In order for us to change we must first love each other so that we must live in harmony. The world needs change it must start with you.


Fame changed them


By Takalane Rambau

Whenever people need to boost up their energy they just switch on their phones and play one song that they like from their favourite artist. The day will just get better as they dance, music is something that everyone loves but how well do we know our musicians. We expect originality from them and in return they expect our support. The music industry has evolved in ways that, it is very easy for artists to engage themselves in new things. It is very disappointing to see how musicians forget where they come from.

Majority of them come from disadvantaged homes but they tend to forget their backgrounds. When they start to live in Sandton they usually adapt the new environment quickly. In South Africa once you become famous, as an artist everything changes but what about home? There is something that is called money, which is the route of all evil it is useless how can a person brag about earning a million while the family back at home is suffering of hunger. It is selfish to impress people because at the end of the day when you are in need no one will be around.

Fame come and goes, musicians do not have the respect to give to each other. They do not have each other’s backs, this shows that they really compete with each other. What about the supporters out there what should they think? Nowadays an artist releases a song using vulgar words; children download the songs which teach them about bad behaviour.

Todays’ celebrities focus on having material things and impressing people, they forget about the dignity that they should be having. Back in the days when artists like Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbuli were still rocking it, people loved their music. The two musicians love singing and they were real. They inspired people and focused on music that enlighten the listeners.

What has come over this world that we are living in, does this mean if people have millions of money they can do whatever that they want? The entertainment industry sometimes shows bad impact to the viewers. Other people envy the celebrities, they compare themselves with musicians because to the beauty that they see in them.

People should start appreciating what they have, not what they own. Material things are just there to be used. Young people of today should learn to be humble at all times. Fame is something you should be proud of, but you’re the way you carry yourself defines who you are and where you are going in life.


Being young in modern day South Africa


By: Unity Rambau


Being young in modern day South Africa means that doing what you love as young adult. Things have changed some struggle to make a living. To others is just living young, wild and free. With others is to have responsibilities to take care of, while others strive for opportunities to make a good living. Time is not in their minds living fast life is what they tend to.

As young people in South Africa are faced with challenges that, the society is familiar with their issues. The youth always complain about everything, the unemployment and fees must fall campaign. This is what modern day South Africa is, the fact that everything is blamed on the government. There is nothing stopping for an individual to start his or her own business, it takes one mind to be creative. While they are complaining they can form a team, work together to change the living conditions of South Africa.

Everything has changed compared to the way our parents were living. Young people do not set their priorities straight. Instead they focus on people’s perspective about how to live their life. The society in general expect a person to be who they are not.in most cases they go to clubs, taverns and social meetings to waste money by drinking expensive alcohol.

We have those that want to make a difference in the society; they are dedicated to change the behavioural thinking that other youngsters have. They start campaigning starting with small projects that will benefit them. The platform set the minds of others to join them in a way because of they are different from other youngsters.

Our parents have always advice children to be educated. Education plays an important role in the country. Young people have fought against education for the past two years. The fees must fall movement started in universities. This is a way of young people having a voice of telling the government about their parents being poor.

There are those that come from rich families, yet they do not feel the pain that poor young people are fighting for. It seems young south Africans will go a long way to fight against education reason being the government is avoiding their issue.

The values and the norms about the history of cultures changed as young people do not practice their believes anymore. This has an effect on their lives as they forget about where they come from. The society has impacted their lives in good and in bad.

The lifestyle even at work places is not the same anymore. Being professional before turning 30 to some is surprising. The majority of young adults work in big companies some do not have the respect they deserve because of their age. Times have changed were adults and young adults respect each other.

The young generation I see it as a lost one, the respect, culture, believes, spiritual lifestyle and attitude still will not change. The behaviour should change for our next generation so that the way we live must change our way of thinking.



If I was a President

By Unity Rambau

There is a saying that says in order for a person to make a change they have to start within themselves by having a better knowledge. A leader is a person who commands an organisation or a country, citizens follow that leader to have a clear understanding on the challenges that they face daily.

The world depends on a person they voted for, before anything else the people are the ones that decide who will represent them nationally and internationally. Globally majority of countries have leaders, though the representative’s promise but don’t deliver. Looking in Africa for instance poverty. Hunger and socio economic issues affects communities, yet the government ignore.

If I was a president the first significant thing that would be done is to look at the population of the country, unemployment and what are the challenges affecting the society. People need change in terms of growing so that the world that we are living in could be a better place for all. The public at large depend on the Government, therefore having a great team will implement on encouraging the citizens of the country.

Education is the key to success, speaking to the minister of education will be the second step, setting up meetings to talk about the future generation of the country. A country needs doctors, lawyers, educators and business people this way it will be important in addressing the proposal to the students by encouraging them to continue to learn. Without education there won’t be great leaders.

The safety of the people will come first, looking into the crime happening change will happen as the police will protect the citizens. Tourists won’t be afraid of visiting a country that is ruled by a president who things before he/she does something. There are most dangerous criminals who rape and brutally murder people, for them they’ll be a death the sentence, as a president I’d protect them.

No law should be changed for older people, they are our ancestors therefore I’d make sure that they are well taken care of. Nothing will happen to them, the grant money that they get every month will be increased after two years

A leader should have followers who respects and acknowledge them. Without a leader there won’t be a good organisation.

The late former President of the Republic of South Africa Nelson Mandela quotes “lead from the back, and let others believe they are in front”.


Xenophobic Attacks in Democratic South Africa

By Unity Rambau

South Africa witnessed a widespread overview of xenophobic attacks in the communities. violence in South Africa has become an influence to the public at large. Members of communities are fed up of what is happening to their surroundings, protection is what they need to live with no fear.

The land of Gold and a home to a few, South Africa is a country that is diverse. Welcoming tourists from all over the world. immigrants who immigrates to South Africa are from different parts of the world. In most cases the people who are living in South Africa illegally are foreigners from Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana.

In February 2017 the majority of people who live in different communities were fuming over illegal foreigners who are living in South Africa. The residents of Mamelodi, Pretoria west, Soshanguve and Attiredgeville organized a mass meeting that was held on (24 February 2017) to March to Home Affairs to give out the ,memorandum. The minister of home affairs Melusi Gigaba said violence will not solve anything.

The protesters say ‘something is about to come’, illegal foreigners should go back to their home countries. Residents from Mamelodi complained to (SAPS) South African Police Service to arrest the foreigners as they are selling drugs to the people. prostitution is a huge problem in Pretoria West, as young women are working for foreigners. Drug dealing is a major problem in South Africa, as a result people say foreigners are the ones who sells them.

On the 24th of February 2017 police have arrested 42 people in Pretoria following the violence that has occurred. 14 people were arrested for possession of drugs. In Rosettenville Johannesburg 10 houses were discovered of having packages of drugs.

The public needs protection to live in a country that is safe. Communities will find a possible solution on how to solve the problem. People should live in a country that is safe so that they can live happily.

The world is a better place for all 9if people are continuing fighting than this is taking them back to where it all started. Xenophobic attacks affects all the people of the world especially African people. People should stop attacking and spread the love, not hate.